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IT PAL School Services

We provide IT Services to schools, making sure all your IT Infrastructure ( Interactive whiteboards, projectors, Computers, printers, network) are fully operational. In addition we can provide advise and support to introduce the latest technologies such as tablets, Interactive TV’s, moving to cloud.

We come to your School and complete 90% of repairs on site.

Interactive Whiteboards/TV’s

Get the latest in Interactive Technology….

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  • 55”, 65” and 75” Interactive Whiteboards available
    • Includes Delivery and Installation
    • Includes Projector and Speakers
  • 65” and 70” Interactive TV’s
    • Latest Interactive technology
    • Delivery and Installation
    • No requirement for Projector or Speakers


Extend the lifetime of your projectors using regular maintenance  …

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  • All types of projectors available (Short throw, long throw, interactive)
  • Maintenance on existing projectors to extend life of projector
  • Replacement projectors lamps sourced and fitted

Digital Displays

Use the latest technology in Digital Displays to communicate to visitors, staff, and students  ….

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Use Digital Signage displays

  • As a welcome Board for visitors in Reception to showcase your school
  • For staff to provide latest updates of what’s going on
  • For Students to display relevant information
  • Can use existing Monitors
  • Split screen into Zones
    • Zone 1 to display videos/powerpoint slides
    • Zone 2 to display Upcoming events, twitter/blog feeds
    • Zone 3 to display Ticker Tape type messages
  • Manage all the content from your Computer at School/Home
  • Easily Schedule Content to display at different times, e.g. Lunch Menu just before lunchtime


Want to connect all your Computers, Printers, Scanners to your Network  ….

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  • Connect all your Computers and Printers to your network
  • Upgrade your existing network by
    • Adding extra network points
    • Install Wi-Fi in every classroom
    • Upgrade your network to higher speeds
    • Extend wi-fi to blackspots in your school
  • Share documents and folders with staff on your network
  • Repair network/internet issues with switches, routers, network points, wi-fi


Want to connect all your Computers, Printers, Scanners to your Network  …

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  • Setup email accounts using your school domain
  • Configure email accounts in Outlook
  • Configure email accounts on all devices (PC’s, Phones, Tablets)
  • Resolve following common email issues
    • Not receiving emails
    • Emails not sending​
    • Getting lots of Spam emails
    • Mailbox full
    • Outlook very slow


Get protected from all the latest threats: Virus, Malware, or Ransomware  ….

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  • Install the lastest security software to Protect against Virus, Malware, and Ransomware attacks
  • Remove Virus , Malware, or Ransomware from Computers if present
  • This Security Software will protect you from the following threats:
    • ​Attack while browsing the internet
    • Attack via email
    • Weaknesses such as Remote Desktop Connection enabled
    • Ensuring your backup process is secure
  • Stop Pop-ups and add-ons while browsing the internet

New Hardware

Need help to buy PC’s, Laptops, Printers, Monitors

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  • We sell a range of Hardware products including Desktop PC’s, Laptops, Printers, Wi-Fi products
  • We will install and setup the new hardware into your environment
  • We will migrate all data from the old Hardware to the new Hardware
  • Overview on how to use the new Hardware

Data Backup

Never lose an important document or email again, get peace of mind ….

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  • Backup all your important documents to the cloud
  • Backup as many PCs, Laptops as you require
  • Any time you add or change a document it will automatically get backed-up to the cloud in real time
  • Access your backup data from any location on any device
  • Easily restore backed up files if required
  • Share selected data with staff
  • If you delete a photo or document by mistake on your computer, it will NOT be deleted in the cloud

Hardware Repairs

We repair all Desktop and Laptop parts including ….

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  • Hard Drives
  • Power Supply
  • Memory
  • Power switch
  • Motherboard
  • Noisy fans
  • Laptop broken screens
  • Laptop charger/battery

Software Repairs

Having problems with the Windows Operating System ….

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  • Computer hangs on start-up
  • Blinking cursor at start-up
  • Blue Screen of Death at Startup
  • Can’t login to Computer
  • Blank Screen
  • Computer very slow
  • Reinstall Microsoft Windows
  • Fix issues with programs (Word, Excel, Chrome ..)