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Paddy graduated with a Bachelor’s Engineering Degree from University College, Dublin in 1981.

In October that year he started working with Westinghouse based in Shannon. Westinghouse manufactured radar equipment in Shannon for the US Military, and Paddy was the test engineer.

In 1990 Paddy moved to Digital in Galway. Digital manufactured main frame and mid-sized computers, and again Paddy was the test engineer. He spent over a year in the US working with the design teams to ensure the products were designed for manufacturability and testability.

After 4 years in Digital Paddy moved to Dell Computers in Limerick. Dell manufactured Desktop, Laptop and server products. Paddy’s first 2 years in Dell was as a test Engineer. 

He then moved into an engineering manager position, and held various engineering manager positions over 15 years, managing teams of up to 50 engineers customizing Desktops, Laptops and servers for Dell’s large corporate customers.

After 30 years working for Corporate America, in 2013 Paddy left Dell to pursue his dream, and setup IT PAL a Computer Repair and IT Support business.

IT PAL provide Computer Repair and IT Support to Homes, Small Businesses and Schools.